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Drafting a will is an essential step in estate planning. The absence of a will, or having an illegitimate will, complicates the transfer of your assets to children and other loved ones upon your passing. This could result in a court or an appointee making decisions that do not align with your intentions. It is your right to leave your family with the best life possible, and a properly drafted will is an effective way to exercise that right.

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What Should I Include in My Will?

A will is designed to handle several important decisions regarding the end of your life and the distribution of your wealth and assets. Our attorney will help you evaluate your property and account for all important items either in your will or another document in your estate plan.

Some of the decisions you can make in your will include:

  • Who you want to act as executor of your will
  • Who you want to serve as guardian to your children
  • How you want to be buried
  • Which property you want to go to which loved one

Once you have finished your will, it must be signed in front of two witnesses, who must also sign the will in front of you. It may then be notarized to allow for a faster probate process, though it is not a necessary step in Florida.

Dying Without a Will in Florida

Wills are especially important in Florida. Without a valid will, your assets are subject to distribution in accordance with the state’s intestacy law. Under this statute, the court will distribute your assets to people in your life based on their familial relation to you. Priority begins with your spouse and children. If you are single and do not have children, the assets continue on to increasingly distant family. If you’d rather give other relatives or friends ownership of your assets, you will need a will that properly outlines your exact wishes.

Changing a Will in Florida

We recommend writing a will as soon as you start acquiring assets, if there is a change in your U.S. immigration or citizenship status or if you have one or more dependents. With proper guidance, your will can convey your last wishes for yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings. As you age and your circumstances change, you can amend, or even revoke and replace, your will as you desire.

For small revisions to an existing will, our lawyer will help you write and finalize the codicil. This amendment will implement any changes you want to make and update the document according to your wishes without requiring you to rewrite it in its entirety.

If your situation or end-of-life decisions have changed drastically, our lawyer will help you revoke your existing will and draft a new one. Whenever your will is changed, it will need to be signed once more by two witnesses and optionally notarized.

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