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If an immigration or consular officer decides you are inadmissible or ineligible, you may face a significant delay in achieving your immigration goals. The Gaston Law Firm, P.A. understands how this point in your journey may feel like an unsurpassable roadblock, but we have helped countless clients overcome application and petition denials, and we want to do the same for you.

In some cases, officers will disregard certain grounds of inadmissibility if the applicant obtains a waiver with Form I-601. Our seasoned legal team can work closely with you to determine whether a waiver will accomplish your goals.

Waivers are highly time-sensitive. Call our I-601 waiver attorney at (888) 388-6859 to schedule your initial consultation as soon as possible.

What Is a Waiver of Inadmissibility?

Your visa or green card application may be denied due to one of several grounds of inadmissibility. But some of these factors can be dismissed with a waiver. Essentially, a waiver application is a request for USCIS to overlook or forgive your grounds of inadmissibility.

You may be able to file a waiver for the following grounds of inadmissibility:

  • Health (e.g. communicable disease of “public health significance,” failure to show proof of vaccination for certain diseases, drug abuse/addiction, or a physical/mental disorder causing behavior that poses a threat to others)
  • Crime (e.g. crimes involving moral turpitude, controlled substances, prostitution, trafficking, etc.)
  • Security (i.e. terrorism, espionage, membership in a totalitarian party, participation in genocide or torture, etc.)
  • Public charge (i.e. use of certain publicly funded benefits; possessing certain factors that lead USCIS to believe you are or will become a “public charge”)
  • Labor certifications/qualifications (i.e. insufficient certifications or qualifications to justify hiring outside of the U.S.)
  • Unlawful presence or entry (e.g. failure to attend a removal proceeding, violation of immigration orders, expired visas, entry without inspection, entry/presence after removal, etc.)

Who Can File Waivers of Inadmissibility?

Whether you can file the Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility (Form I-601) depends on the type of immigration benefit you applied for, your current status, and your specific grounds of inadmissibility.

You may be able to obtain relief through a waiver for most grounds of inadmissibility if you are an applicant for:

  • Temporary Protected Status
  • A green card (if you are currently a T nonimmigrant visa holder)
  • A green card (if you are currently a Special Immigrant Juvenile)

If you are applying for a green card, relief under VAWA, a K or V nonimmigrant visa, or an immigrant visa, you may be able to obtain a waiver of inadmissibility as well. Each class has its own unique restrictions, and our qualified waiver attorney can help you understand which path is best for your situation.

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If your entry, visa, or green card application was denied, we may be able to correct the situation with a waiver of inadmissibility. At The Gaston Law Firm, P.A., we know how much is at stake with your immigration process, and we want to help make this process as efficient and painless as possible.

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