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Is Your Immigration Status at Stake for a Criminal Offense?

Although any criminal charge can be devastating and result in serious penalties, they become more frightening when your immigration status is placed at stake. Individuals who have immigrated to the United States or are in the process of becoming a lawful permanent resident will likely face complications if charged with a criminal offense.

If you are faced with a criminal charge that affects your ability to immigrate to the U.S., seek the experienced counsel that our firm offers. We give straightforward legal counsel and personalized attention throughout the entire duration of our clients' cases.

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What Crimes Can Lead to the Loss of a Green Card?

Some of the criminal offenses include:

  • Crimes of moral turpitude
  • Aggravated felonies
  • Drug crimes

You will need to talk to a skilled immigration attorney in South Florida from our firm to fight against deportation. The Gaston Law Firm, P. A. can stand by your side to give you a practical resolution and defense against the charge you face. Our firm possesses a strong knowledge of the immigration process that can be used as necessary in your defense case.

Personalized Solutions for Your Criminal & Immigration Case

Understand that a conviction of many different types of crimes can have an impact on your residency status and application for citizenship. During a case evaluation, we can help you understand your options for a defense that are specific to your situation. Our South Florida immigration lawyers are ready to protect your future! We serve areas throughout Florida including Fort Pierce, Stuart, Palm City, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Indiantown, and Port Salerno!

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