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Powers of attorney are legal documents that are important to estate plans. Even if you have not yet created and finalized an estate plan, you may find yourself in need of this valuable legal instrument. Essentially, powers of attorney allow you to designate another person, known as your “attorney in fact,” to act on your behalf in financial or other life matters when you cannot. Your inability to handle these affairs may be due to incapacity through illness or injury or because you have traveled outside of the city, state, or country. Regardless of the situation, your appointed agent now has the legal authority to make decisions and handle the affairs that you have outlined in the Power of Attorney document.

If you are in need of a Power of Attorney in the greater South Florida area, we recommend that you turn to our experienced legal team at The Gaston Law Firm, P.A. Our firm is dedicated to providing you with diligent legal service tailored to your individual needs and objectives. We focus on providing these legal documents and all estate planning tools to multinational citizens, green card holders, and other non-citizens as well as U.S. citizens. Regardless of your immigration status, we are here to ensure that you have the competent and thorough legal counsel you need in these matters.

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Various Types of Powers of Attorney

Various types of Powers of Attorney exist for different purposes. These become invalid when you become incapacitated except in the case of a Durable Power of Attorney. These documents give either broad or limited authority to your agent-in-fact to make decisions for you concerning your finances, property, medical care, or other life matters.

Powers of Attorney (POAs) include:

  • General POA can consists of comprehensive authority to your agent to act on your behalf over any or all life affairs; these can include handling your banking and finances as well as your property or assets such as investment portfolios, tax matters, and many other day-to-day life matters. However, the actions you wish your agent to be able to perform for you must be made specific in the document.
  • Limited POA authorizes your designated agent to act on your behalf for a limited or specific purpose, as in allowing a portfolio manager to make decisions regarding your accounts or allowing someone to sign on your behalf in a real estate matter when you are out of town.
  • Durable POA can be a limited or a general authorization; this type of POA remains valid if and when you become incapacitated such as from an illness or at end of life. Durable POAs can include those for healthcare, giving your agent the power to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to voice your wishes.
  • Springing POA is a POA that becomes effective when you become incapacitated; this type of POA is no longer valid in Florida; all POAs now become effective immediately.

To be effective and binding, Powers of Attorney need to be drafted and finalized according to state law.

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To ensure that your Power of Authority does exactly what you wish it to do for your needs, it is best to work with a qualified attorney. Gaston Law Firm, P.A. has knowledge to provide the guidance and legal action needed to draft and finalize your document per all state requirements. We encourage you to reach out to our capable and dedicated team to get started with your Power of Attorney.

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