President Obama's Executive Action

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At Gaston and Mentor, PLLC, we help businesses and families achieve their immigration goals. And, we are committed to keeping our community informed about changes in U.S. immigration laws as they emerge.

The President's exercise of his constitutional authority to issue executive orders directs desperately needed resources to ICE for the removal of criminal immigrants, such as murders, traffickers, and gang members, who pose a clear and imminent danger to society. Meanwhile, families of mixed immigration status can experience a measure of temporary reprieve from the constant fear of separation. In addition, the executive action allows members of our community to emerge from the shadows with government identification and permission to work, which enriches our tax base and enhances our national security.

Flaws such as family visa backlogs of nearly twenty years, one-year processing times for foreign investor visas, and stifling employment visa processes that turn away talented noncitizen professionals cripple our nation's ability to compete in the global economy. We remain hopeful that our Congress will address these fundamental deficits through comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

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