Response To Federal Ruling Temporarily Halting Travel Ban

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We are encouraged by the ruling of the Federal Court in Washington State that has temporarily halted the travel ban. Generally, a judge must determine that the suit against the Administration is likely to prevail on the merits, before granting the TPO. We hope that the Administration will abandon this overly broad policy that adversely impacts so many people, families, and companies.

We are advising our clients to continue to avoid nonessential travel outside of the United States. In addition, we are recommending that individuals outside of the United States who were impacted by the ban make immediate arrangements to return to the United States. This is a temporary ruling, and the DOJ will likely move for a Stay. Thus, travelers should act quickly, as there is still significant uncertainty related to the Travel Ban.

Overall, noncitizens, regardless of their nationality, should move forward to secure the strongest immigration status that they can achieve. As we have learned, permanent residents and the holders of non-immigrant visas can still suffer adverse consequences of the new Administration's executive orders.

Noncitizens who are considering traveling outside of the United States should consult a licensed immigration attorney before moving forward with their travel plans.

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