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Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) often target local employers through I-9 inspections in order to find and deport undocumented immigrants. All employers in the US are required to complete and maintain a copy of an I-9 form for each employee to verify identity and employment eligibility. During an I-9 inspection, HSI/ICE agents can demand to see your business’s I-9 records. If you fail to produce the correct paperwork, then you, your company, and your workers could be in serious legal trouble with the HSI/ICE.

What paperwork or records might ICE want to see in an I-9 inspection?

  • Copies of I-9 forms with identity and employment eligibility documentation
  • Payroll Records
  • Incorporations documents
  • Business Licenses
  • Tax records and filings

To best prepare for an ICE I-9 inspection, contact The Gaston Law Firm. Our ICE I-9 audit defense lawyer can help your business thoroughly understand what ICE will do, say, and want to see during an I-9 inspection. We can help you get all your paperwork in compliance and represent you during an ICE interview, if needed.

Call (888) 388-6859 to learn more about our ICE I-9 inspection preparation services.

How We Prepare You for ICE I-9 Audits

The best way to handle an I-9 inspection carried out by ICE – which may come with little to no warning – is to be prepared for it. You can arrange for private I-9 audits carried out by our South Florida based I-9 inspection defense attorney, Mr. Christopher Gaston. During these annual or biannual audits, Attorney Gaston will review all of your business documents related to your employees’ eligibility for employment to look for any vulnerabilities that ICE might allege to be a law violation. By catching potential problems early, our law firm can help you fix them, or prepare a clear explanation in case of an ICE inspection.

Consequences for Failing an I-9 Inspection

HSI/ICE I-9 inspections have increased in frequency in recent years, starting with the beginning of the Trump Administration. In just five days of July 2018, ICE inspected more than 5,000 businesses across the country and made dozens of arrests. In other words, the risk of being targeted by an ICE I-9 inspection is real, and so are the consequences if you fail.

What can happen if you fail an ICE I-9 inspection?

  • Your employees could be fast-tracked for removal.
  • You could be tried on criminal charges and incarcerated.
  • Your business could be fined thousands of dollars.

In fact, the fines levied against your business for noncompliance during an I-9 investigation can be more than $10,000 per violation. You might have only one undocumented worker but be cited for multiple violations. According to ICE’s records, the largest fee ever levied against a single company during an I-9 inspection was $95 million.

Your Business is Your Future – Protect It

If ICE knocks on your business’s door and demands to see employment eligibility paperwork for all your workers, will you be ready to comply confidently? Call (888) 388-6859 to get The Gaston Law Firm, P.A. and our ICE I-9 inspection defense attorney on your side and be ready for an I-9 inspection.

Let’s get started today there is no time to lose with the current administration’s zealousness for deporting undocumented immigrants.

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