Christopher A. Gaston

Immigration Attorney

Immigration attorney, Christopher A. Gaston, is the managing partner of The Gaston Law Firm, P.A. Mr. Gaston provides comprehensive business and family immigration representation to clients worldwide.

With substantial experience handling complex immigration law matters, Mr. Gaston brings an innovative and problem-solving approach to challenging immigration cases. Mr. Gaston's clients include international investors and entrepreneurs, multi-million dollar commercial entities, start-up companies, religious institutions, as well as families and individuals seeking to make the United States their home.

Mr. Gaston works extensively on cases within the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program, which allows US businesses to raise capital and provides a pathway for foreign investors to gain permanent residency and eventually US citizenship. In addition, Mr. Gaston's business immigration practice includes representing applicants for E-2 (treaty investors), E-1 (treaty traders), L-1, EB-1, and EB-2 visas. Mr. Gaston takes pride in helping individuals and businesses overcome immigration hurdles as they expand into the global marketplace.

An important part of Mr. Gaston's immigration practice is bringing families together in the United States and helping individuals secure the access they need to the United States. This includes securing visas for family members, spouses, fiancé(e)s, students, religious workers, athletes, entertainers, and visitors. In addition, Mr. Gaston assists clients with such matters as Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Employment Authorization, Citizenship/Naturalization, Residency (Green Cards), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Resident Card (Green Card) renewal, passports, birth certificates, immigration interviews, Adjustment of Status, Change of Status, and waivers. Mr. Gaston also has experience in successfully appealing improperly denied immigration filings.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Gaston has extensive experience in criminal law, and he understands how a criminal case can impact one's immigration status. Mr. Gaston provides immigration counsel to criminal attorneys and their clients regarding case resolution strategies that ameliorate the negative impact of criminal cases for noncitizens. Similarly, Mr. Gaston advocates for the rights of noncitizens who become victims of crimes and domestic abuse while in the US.

Mr. Gaston obtained his law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law, a top-tier law school with an excellent reputation for international law. Additionally, Mr. Gaston holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Before graduating from law school, Mr. Gaston gained experience with several government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Justice, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the Georgia Department of Corrections. In addition, prior to founding his own immigration practice, Mr. Gaston was a prosecutor for the State Attorney's Offices for Miami-Dade County and Martin County, Florida. Mr. Gaston has lived in Germany and traveled in South America, Central America, Europe and the Caribbean. Through this experience, Mr. Gaston has developed an enhanced ability to relate to individuals from various cultures around the world.

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